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Here's what fellow riders are saying:


Within hours of receiving the routine maintenance DVD I was able to fix a problem with the reverse system that I had left unattended for several years. The manual just does not convey the details of what I needed to do with the clarity the DVD does. I figure this small job alone was worth the cost of the DVD. I am inspired to continue working on Gold Wing.  Thank you for a great product.   

Roger H .


I just viewed my GL1500 Routine DVD... very well done! The verbal instructions are precise with nice clear video footage. The tasks I can now perform myself will save more than enough money to pay for this DVD.  Thanks for a great product and fast shipping too....     Rick N .


I am pleased. I am one of those have to see it-type learners and these DVDs fit the bill…My thanks to Illustrated Powersports and Stuart Oltman. - E.

I used the GL 1500 disk this weekend and was impressed.  I was doing a break job and had some questions.  Put the disk in and my questions were answered. - Bill E.

  Very informative. You guys did a great job!!! - Charlie F.

I just received my Advanced Video for the GL1500 and I just wanted to say, it is GREAT!!!!  I love it; it shows all the things that I need to know to do the repairs myself. I am so happy with my Video that I'm going to recommend it to everyone in my chapter and everyone I speak with when it comes to doing your own repairs. Thanks for a GREAT Video. - Brian J.

Thanks for a well done production that is a great supplement to my manual. - Jeffrey C.

  Great job on the Routine and Advanced maintenance DVD'S for the 1500. Just finished watching them and they are a wealth of information.   - Charlie I .

Very good job on the DVDs!!! Thanks for making a visual aid to go along with the shop manual I have, I am one of those that need to see with my own eyes how things are done.  Repairs don't seem so intimidating now.  - Neal B.

The video is excellent.- Ron R.

I just wanted to let you know I received the Advanced DVD and all I can say is WONDERFUL JOB!!  I have not performed any work on my bike with it yet, but I am viewing all the sections to get an idea on the magnitude maintenance I plan to perform this winter.  Stu and his assistant explain and perform the process of each area in a way that is very easy to follow.  Thanks again.   - Lt. Shayne P.