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 Difference Between Routine and Advanced Maintenance DVDs

Routinerefers to maintenance that can be done with little or no previous mechanical knowledge or ability.  Generally these procedures include changing oil, spark plugs, brake pads, air filter, light bulbs and making adjustments to the bike using an inexpensive set of tools available at most retailers.

Advancedassumes you have some mechanical aptitude or experience.  Individuals in this category can usually visualize procedures from text a manual.  In many cases the Advanced procedures require specialized tools to properly complete them.

Many motorcycle enthusiasts own a service manual; this is a good first step toward maintaining your bike and is highly recommended.  Research has shown that many people can not easily convey the text from a manual into action required to perform a procedure.  It has been said “a picture is worth a thousand words”; today more and more people learn by watching video.  Illustrated Powersports maintenance programs are designed to demonstrate procedures your manual describes.  In fact they not only complement the service manual, they should be considered a valuable reference "e;tool” that makes maintaining your motorcycle easier.  Anyone performing maintenance or repairs to their motorcycle should use the proper tools and procedures recommended by the original manufacturer service manual.  Makeshift tools as well as shortcuts or “home grown” procedures can be dangerous and are discouraged.